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Sound Healing

Soul SeekingCandice Macpherson
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Sound Healing is an Ancient healing method which uses Therapeutic Vibrations to Re-Tune the Body, Mind & Spirit back to Optimal Health. Sound activates and influences Brainwaves by Synchronizing and Harmonizing our Inner Vibrations with External Stimuli. This process Aligns the body and Calms the Nervous System promoting deep Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual healing. 

Everything is Energy! 

Our Bodies, Thoughts, Emotions and External surroundings all Resonate with different Frequencies. When

these frequencies get Disturbed, Blocked and Heavy it creates illness, disease and unhealthy environments. 

Healing Vibrations

Experience cellular transformation and deep inner healing through JoyUs Sacred Sounds. 

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JoyUs Sound Tools & Techniques:

* Music
* Tuning Forks
* Crystal Singing Bowls
* Crystal Singing Pyramids
* Tibetan Singing Bowls
* Koshi Chimes

* Zaphir Chimes
* Drums
* Elemental Sounds
* Light Language

* Chants & Mantras
* Therapeutic Tones, Vibrations & Frequencies

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Sound Healing Benefits

Tuning Forks are an Acoustic Resonator set to different Therapeutic Frequencies to facilitate healing for a

variety of Health and Wellness goals. This non invasive healing tool can be used on the body with Weighted

Tuning Forks or used In the Auric Field with Non-Weighted Tuning Forks. 

Weighted Tuning Forks are placed on the body amplifying the vibrations sending deep healing to that area. They assist with: grounding, clearing, restoring, repairing, rebalancing, promoting harmony, awakening intuition and body, mind spirit connections. 

Un-Weighted Tuning Forks produce a clear pure tone that helps shift the Aura Raising the vibrations creating a supportive environment for transformative healing to begin. They are also very effective at clearing and healing traumas stored in the auric field.

Crystal Singing Bowls Clear, Balance, Restore and Revitalize every cell in the body. These Pure Crystalline Healing Tones support the Nervous System with peace and harmony giving the body permission to Access Deep Healing from Within. JoyUs Therapies Therapeutic Crystal Singing Bowls are made out of 99.9% quartz crystal.

Koshi Chimes are tuned to the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) enhancing connection and alignment with nature. Zaphir Chimes are tuned to the 5 Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Intermediary Season). 

These healing tones are effective at releasing stress, calming the nervous system, and creating a positive, harmonious, uplifting, joyful vibration from the inside out. 

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JoyUs Sound Retreats

Sound Healing is growing in popularity due to the Abundance of Health Benefits it provides: It is an effective healing solution that supports the Body, Mind and Spirit Holistically and Harmoniously. 

“It Feels Right to Heal Right” 

 -JoyUs Therapies

Are you in search of a Holistic Healer Partner to add value & healing gifts to your classes, retreats or health and healing events? 


Find out more about the endless Benefits and how JoyUs Therapies can support your Healing goals & intentions through Reiki, Sound and Spiritual Connections. 

Let's connect and collaborate to manifest miracles!


All sound healing sessions are Infused with Reiki and often paired with powerful Kundalini and Karuna healing techniques. 

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