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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a Unique Concept where one can choose to Laugh for the Health of it. We use the Power of Laughter & the Power of Breath to encourage Body/Mind/Movement Connections; Sparking Joy to Promote Healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. Each Session is Uniquely Created to meet a Variety of Therapeutic and Meaningful Health & Wellness Goals. This Holistic Healing Tool is Highly Recommend for all Ages & Abilities.


Laughter Yoga Combines:

* Deep Breathing
* Gentle Stretches
* Movements utilizing Dance & Play
* Clapping, Tapping, Chanting & Singing
* Laughter Exercises
* Relaxation/Meditation/Visualizations 
* Positive Affirmations
* 4 Elements of Joy
(Laugh, Dance, Sing, Play)
* Eye Contact & Connection

* Creativity & Choice
* Therapeutic Individual & Group Goals


Health Benefits

* Relieving & Reducing: Pain, Tension, Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Brain Fog
* Boosting Immune Systems
* Improving Mood, Attention, Focus, Motivation, Energy, Awareness, Joy
* Empowering: Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts 
* Building Confidence, Resilience, Strength, Relationships, Self-Esteem
* Improving Clarity, Creativity, Leadership, Teamwork, Peak Performance, Stamina
* Connecting People, Facilitating Friendships, Supporting Community, etc


Who Can Benefit from Laughter Yoga?

* All Ages & Abilities (Seniors, Adults, Teens, Children)
* Healthcare Workers, Organizations, Clinics, Facilities
* First Responders and Front Line Workers
* Specialized Groups supporting common Health Problems (Cancer, Stroke, Dementia)
* Teachers/Early Childhood Workers & Schools
* Holistic Healers, Wellness Coaches, Athletes
* Therapists, Councilors
* Corporate Companies, Industries, Businesses

Do you have a Health & Wellness Problem, Challenges or Goals? Book a Connect Call to discuss how we can Create and Facilitate a Meaningful & Therapeutic Program to meet Your Needs.

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