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Meet Candice

Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Healer & Wellness Expert Specializing in: Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Spiritual Connections, Sound Healing and Akashic Readings.

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Health and Wellness have always been a passion of mine. Boasting over 15 years of Health Care experience as a Therapy Assistant, I have had the privilege of collaborating and working alongside Physical, Occupational, Recreational and Speech Therapists. I am grateful and proud of my foundational Therapeutic skills and experiences working with all ages, abilities, cultures and circumstances. 

Since I was young, I have always been known as a Free-Spirit with a Magnetic Personality. I value people, time, money, authenticity, truth, kindness, gratitude, and joyful connections. My ability to find the “silver lining” in life’s toughest challenges and circumstances, has been both a blessing and a block to my inner truth. This lack of awareness was keeping me in a cycle of “fight or flight” on the inside, and choosing a “brave happy face” on the outside. 

In the spring of 2020, I had reached an all time personal low: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, fearful, disappointed, hopeless and stuck in repeating patterns. 


During that time, I was invited to take my Level 1 & 2 Reiki Training. I am forever grateful for that decision as it gifted me awareness and initiated a Spiritual Awakening from within.

I received a gift of being a Spiritual Connector, blessed with the Divine abilities to intuitively connect, channel and  communicate with your Spirit / Spiritual Teams. It’s a collaborative process where I am an intuitive channel of light, teacher, guide, energy interpreter, accountability angel, and confidence builder. You are the conscious creator of your own reality! You will be responsible and accountable for your own actions and outcomes. This will build your confidence and connection with your intuitive-body, mind and spirit centres and raise your vibration to higher levels of consciousness. 

My Spiritual Awakening, expanded my awareness / perceptions, as well as, illuminated my life’s purpose; which has continued to unfold, shift and change directions in ways I never imagined possible. 

My clients describe me as:

“Joy in Human Form”


“Bright light in this world, Welcoming, Kind, Thoughtful, Warm, Loving, Supportive, Compassionate, Empowering, Empathetic, Positive, Friendly, Vibrant and Engaging”


“Professional, Authentic, Honest, Intuitive and extremely Gifted” 


“Informative, Passionate, Dedicated and Knowledgeable with profound Insight”


“Gifted teacher who radiates Light, Peace and Tranquility”


“Amazing Facilitator that brings such Joyful, Healing energy to the groups she leads"


About JoyUs Therapies

JoyUs Therapies evolved from my commitment to self-healing and my love for connection and collaboration.  What started as a passion project, has now turned into a growing, vibrant, soul-aligned business!


JOY is the frequency we teach, align to, and activate, within each of US. We provide meaningful and effective joyful solutions to expand healing beyond the physical. JoyUs Therapies unique approach, shines light inwards, gifting the ability to clearly & confidently heal perceptions of the Body, Mind and Spirit. "Transforming feelings with holistic healing;" Inviting US to heal ourselves, families, communities, countries, and the collective with love, light, joy and peace.

JoyUs Therapies is always expanding its offerings to support holistic healing solutions to individuals / groups (past, present, future) healing desires, goals and intentions.

JoyUs Therapies is willing to travel to provide holistic healing services: treatments, trainings, workshops, events, and retreat’s. Great option for:

  • Seniors who cannot travel or access the JoyUs Therapies Healing Studio, with their current abilities.

  • Families and Friends who wish to invite healing energies and host sessions in their homes.

  • Individuals requesting In-Home or Business Property energy assessments and clearings.

  • Businesses offering health and wellness workshops for their staff

  • Yoga Studios wanting to add Reiki & Healing Sound opportunities to their clients.

  • Holistic Healing Practitioners, Coaches, Therapists, Healthcare Providers, etc; who wish to collaborate to provide next level services together.


Prices on the website do not reflect services in which travel is required. Group discounts and offers are individually offered, priced and mutually agreed upon prior to booking. 

JoyUs Therapies looks forward to welcoming you:

In-Person at the JoyUs Therapies Healing Studio. Located 116 Abinger Crescent NE  Calgary AB. Clients will enter through the side door entrance. Street parking available. Please be aware there is a steep stairwell leading to the studio. This intimate space is perfect for individuals,  couples, or small group sessions. It is not suitable for large groups. 

Client in the JoyUs Therapies healing space have been described as:

"A Safe Place, to heal and connect”

“Welcoming, Therapeutic, Healing Environment”

“Inviting, Comfortable, Calm, Grounding, Supportive and Engaging space to learn and grow” 

“Beautiful, Light, Bright, Refreshing, Harmonious and Vibrant”


“Peaceful, Restorative, Balanced and Inclusive”

“Spiritually Connected, Uplifting, Positive, Interactive, Feel Good Energy”

Wherever you are on your journey I want you to know you are not alone. Healing is possible.


I am committed to holding space with Love, Light and joyful Sound; while you access your inner wisdom from within. 


“It feels right to heal right”

- Candice Macpherson

Join Us In-Person at the
JoyUs Therapies Healing Studio 

Join Us Distantly via Zoom

JoyUs Therapies serves Beautiful Souls from around the world. You can access all of JoyUs Therapies services from the comfort of your chosen spaces. Connect with us via Zoom and receive the same healing benefits and successful results.

Invite Us to come to YOU!

JoyUs Therapies offers In-Home Healing Services: Home and Business Energy Clearings, Small / Large group trainings & workshops. Holistic healing nights with family and friends. Spiritual connections and Collaborations with other healing practitioners. Palliative end of life Reiki.

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