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Distance Reiki & Sound Healing Session

Enjoy the Gift of Reiki & Sound from the Comfort of your Own Home

  • 1 h
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • At Home via Zoom or Phone

Service Description

Set your Intentions, Open your Heart and allow Reiki Healing to Flow within. The Universal Life-Force Energy has No Boundaries. It can Transcend Time & Space and bring Healing to All that Call on it. Distance Reiki Treatments can be provided over Zoom, on the Phone or Sent at Specific Times Meeting you where you are Past, Present, Future. This can be done in a variety of ways to meet a variety of Health & Wellness Goals. Set up a Connect Call to find the Best Option for you. Healing Benefits are the Same In-Person or Distance leaving it to Personal Preference. When and Why would someone Choose to Receive Distance Reiki? Utilizing the Distant Symbol allows the Practitioner to Send Healing to All Situations Past, Present & Future. Below are some common examples of when and why to choose Distant Reiki. How can Distance Reiki be used to heal the past? Distance Reiki can be a Powerful Tool to Heal Past Situations by Bringing Awareness to a variety of Subconscious Emotions, Thoughts, Feelings, Experiences, Traumas, Beliefs, Perceptions. Reiki can also Help Invite Light, Love, Joy and Peace to the Past which Promotes Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love to Heal All Situations. When would Distance Reiki be Recommended verses Hands on Reiki? Personal Reasons and Preferences such as: Illness, Injury, Geographic Location, Transportation, Time, Availability, Scheduling, Comfort Level, Space, Family Circumstances, Global Restrictions; Or when there are Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual Reasons why Hands on Reiki would Not be Supportive. How can Distance Reiki be used to Heal the Future? Distance Reiki can be sent to Future when Stress, Anxiety, Fear & Anticipation of Future Known & Unknown Events are Taking over your Body, Mind or Spirit. Reiki Brings Peace, Love, Clarity, Confidence & Joy providing Healing Effects Now and in the Future. Here are a few examples of when to send Reiki to support desired outcomes in the future: * Specific Events: Surgeries, Procedures, Interviews, Meetings, Tests, Travel, etc. * Life Events: Pregnancy, Birth, End of Life, Marriages, Divorce, New Home, New Job, New School, Graduations, Celebrations, Birthdays, Moving, Etc. Sound Healing works the same way. Tuning Forks are a useful tool when sending Distance Reiki. The tuning fork acts like a magnet and a pendulum offering energetic information assisting in the healing and clearing process. Crystal Singing bowls can then be used to assist with Cellular Transformation.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that In Person Treatments take place at the JoyUs Therapies Studio which is STAIRCASE Accessible. We do not offer refunds; however, we will offer you a credit to your account. You may use these credits toward any future bookings. Due to limited booking availability, we kindly require that you phone to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment or training course. This gives us the opportunity to fill the booking or class with waitlisted participants or clients.

Contact Details

(587) 897-2885

JoyUs Therapies Studio 116 Abinger Crescent Northeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

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