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Akashic Property Realignment Blueprints

Akashic Property Realignemnt Blueprints Sessions assess the energy of the land and in the homes.

  • 45 min
  • 105 Canadian dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

This service is highly recommended as an "Add-On" service to Soul Realignment Sessions. Save $50 when added to individual sessions and receive FREE for all Couples, Family and Group Sessions. Must provide Full Address on Request and Consent form. Property Realignment Blueprint Information will be Shared via Zoom and will take between 30-45 minutes depending on the information received. If this is an add-on it will be included in your individual Zoom Session which will be added at the end making it a 90min session. JoyUs Therapies also offers local (Calgary and Surrounding Communities) In-Home Reiki, Sound and Property Clearings. * Referral Collaboration Program with Relators. Your clients will receive 10% off and Relators will receive $20 Gift Voucher to JoyUs Therapies. Property Assessments and Clearing differ from typical house clearing techniques you may be familiar with, such as: sageing, salting, sound clearing, diffusing, full moon & new moon cleansing rituals, etc. The Akashic Record’s are an energetic data base, keeping the energy blueprint and intentions of the land across time and space. It stores energetic information that may be of great value to the present energetic owner of the land. (Owning, renting or leasing the property qualifies you as the energetic owner). During the session the Property Realignment Practitioner will locate the property using the properties "full address" within the Akashic Records. From there will gather the following detailed information on the energetic owners behalf: * Are there any portal-ways (energetic doorways), causing energetic disturbances within the home? * Are there any Independent Negative Thought Forms contributing lower frequency thoughts and patterns within the home? * Are there any Negative thought forms created about, or directed at the property that may be impacting the energetic integrity of the home? * Are there any Anger spears directed at the property? * Are there any Gateways (energetic highways), creating disruptive and discordant energies, as well as drawing energy from the inhabitants of the home? * Are there any Earthbound Souls attached to the property? * Are there any previous Land Assignments allocated to the property? Was it ever assigned as a sacred site?, battlefield? LR burial ground? The practitioner then clears, realigns and restores the property to energetically support the new aligned energy and intentions of its inhabitants.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that In Person Treatments take place at the JoyUs Therapies Studio which is STAIRCASE Accessible. We do not offer refunds; however, we will offer you a credit to your account. You may use these credits toward any future bookings. Due to limited booking availability, we kindly require that you phone to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment or training course. This gives us the opportunity to fill the booking or class with waitlisted participants or clients.

Contact Details

(587) 897-2885

JoyUs Therapies Studio 116 Abinger Crescent Northeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

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