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1.5 hr Crystaline Reiki Sound Healing.

Elevate your Spirit & Transform your Health with these JoyUs Sounds.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 Canadian dollars
  • Abinger Crescent Northeast

Service Description

All 90 minute Sound Healing sessions are paired with Powerful Kundalini and Karuna Reiki Techniques. The first 30 minutes you will Receive an Intuitively Guided Reiki Session using Higher Frequency Healing Techniques. Sessions support deep healing of your inner child, shadow self and any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual trauma you may be carrying in your DNA & Soul Memories. The remaining 60 minutes you will enjoy a Harmonious and Divine Sound bath. Crystal Singing Bowls Clear, Balance, Restore and Revitalize every cell in the body. These Pure Crystalline Healing Tones support the Nervous System with Peace and Harmony giving the body permission to Access Deep Healing from Within. JoyUs Therapies Therapeutic Crystal Singing bowls are made out of 99.9% Quartz Crystal. Each bowl is tuned to 432 Hz to assist with deep transformational healing benefits. 432 Hz is a frequency that resonates with Universal Vibrations. This healing frequency has a positive influence on the Nervous system, Circulatory system, Digestive system and Endocrine system. We also have the 528 Hz Miracle Tone frequency of love bowl. This powerful healing crystal bowl helps remove toxins, heals and repairs Cellular DNA, purifies water and promotes harmony within the body, mind and spirit.  Tuning Fork Healing may also be used to provide Therapeutic Frequencies supportive to the Body, Mind and Spiritual Healing Intended for that session. This non invasive healing tool can be used on the body with Weighted Tuning Forks or used In the Auric Field with Non-Weighted Tuning Forks. JoyUs Therapies Healing Tuning Fork Frequencies and Benefits include: Weighting and Unweighted Solfeggio Healing Sets: Solfeggio tuning fork works to Balance all the Chakras. Healing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually across Time and Space. They assist in grounding, clearing, calming, restoring, repairing and awaken the Body, Mind & Spirits Intuition. Unweighted Chakra Tuning Fork Set: Help Re-balance & Re-align all Energy systems influencing the Body, Mind and Spirit. Unweighted Angel Tuning Fork Set: This Angelic set Clears spaces, Cleanses Auras and Calls in Supports from Angels, Guides & Ancestors. This opens up the gateway for clear Communication with your Spiritual Team and Deep Protection from the Divine. Transform your Health and Wellness today.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that In Person Treatments take place at the JoyUs Therapies Studio which is STAIRCASE Accessible. We do not offer refunds; however, we will offer you a credit to your account. You may use these credits toward any future bookings. Due to limited booking availability, we kindly require that you phone to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment or training course. This gives us the opportunity to fill the booking or class with waitlisted participants or clients.

Contact Details

  • 116 Abinger Crescent Northeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

    (587) 897-2885

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